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Sushi Rolls

Enjoy one of our many sushi rolls including: Dragon Roll, Paradise Roll, Tiger Roll, Rainbow Roll, Okinawa Roll, Spider Roll, and more.

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Indulge in a variety of sashimi including: Tuna/Maguro, Salmon/Sake, Yellowtail/Hamachi, Albacore/Shiro Maguro, Scallops/Hotategai, and more.

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Appetizers and Salads

Start off with one of our appetizers including: Oyster Shooter, Sugaki, Soft shell crab, Yakitori, Agedashi Tofu, Green Mussels, Monkey balls, and more.

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Drinks and Desserts

We have your favorite beers including: Sapporo, Asahi, Kirin, Kirin Light, Corona, Budlight, Ballast point, Blue Moon, Heineken, and more.

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Special Rolls

Bum Roll- spicy tuna, cucumber, topped w/ albacore avocado, soy mustard sauce 15
Scallops Dynamite Roll - california roll topped w/ baked spicy scallops, eel sauce, and spicy mayo 13
Baby Lobster Roll- crab, cucumber, avocado topped w/ spicy mayo, baked lobster, crab, eel sauce 16
Super Lemon Roll- Spicy crab, cucumber, salmon, yellowtail,ย avocado, lime, sriracha, chilli powder, tajin, tako chunks, ponzu sauce, cilantro 16
Long Horn Roll- crab, cucumber, avocado topped w/salmon, and avocado 13
Dream Roll- 2pcs jumbo shrimp, ย crab, cream cheese topped w/ albacore, avocado, crab, diced shrimp tempura mixed w/ spicy mayo, crunchies, mayo and eel sauce, shredded crab sticks 14
Dragon Roll- 2pcs jumbo shrimp, tempura, crab topped w/ eel, avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo 14
On Fire Roll- spicy albacore, jalapeรฑo, cucumber topped w/ avocado, crab, mixed w/ spicy mayo and masago, crunchies eel sauce, w/ masago inside, soy mustard outside, shredded crab sticks 13
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